How Does a Woman Become a Man?

trans man

The transgender population is beginning to gain wide acceptance worldwide with increasing calls for people to uphold the rights of members of the LGBTQ community. But what is it like for people who go through the transitioning process? Do men have it easier than women? Or vice-versa.

According to many folks, it is a little more difficult for men to transform into women (transgender women). This is the case especially for those with very obvious masculine features like deep voice and bulging muscles. Some of these features are quite difficult to change even with heavy hormonal treatment and infusions.

Transgender men, on the other hand, are said to go through an easier process. All that is needed to be done is to add the male hormone-testosterone. Then, they begin to develop masculine features in no time. The fact that the procedure is very short and the transitioning rather seamless is why there are many transitions from men to women these days.

Experiences of some prominent transgender men have shown that the transitioned individuals feel more comfortable in their new bodies. Most often than not, they feel free from the gender bias many women face in our patriarchal societies. This raises their self-esteem and gives them a better sense of belonging. What's there not to love? You still enjoy dating benefits through transgender dating.

Breaking the Barrier

The transitioning process of becoming a man from a woman starts psychologically. How does she see herself among other females? How inferior or uncomfortable does she feel in her skin? How clear is her conscience with seeing through this transitioning? How does she foresee herself to be in a male body, and how okay is she with transgender dating? If she's fine with the answers to these questions, she can consider changing into a man socially through cross-dressing, medically through surgeries, or a combination of both.

Cross Dressing

Cross-dressing, often mistaken as drag (dressing in attires of the opposite sex for entertainment purposes only), is the act or practice of dressing in the wear of the opposite sex. Transgender men do this to look like the males they want to be. Cross-dressers are famous for transgender dating and showing off their wear to the public. For many transgenders, cross-dressing is the first step to becoming a man. Women who cross-dress are often tagged as homosexuals who desire sexual pleasures from their fellow women but go under the guise of being a man to fulfill those desires.


Sex Reassignment Surgeries (SRS) are done to help a woman transition to be a man medically. These surgeries are of different types, ranging from facial reconstruction to mastectomy and everything in between.

Although these surgical procedures may seem expensive, they are recommended for anyone who wants a complete transition. Let's have a look at some of these surgical procedures:

Subcutaneous Mastectomy

Any woman who is prepared to become a man fully must go through this procedure. This surgery is done to get rid of a woman's breasts and change her nipples' positions.


Hysterectomy involves the removal of the internal female reproductive organs. The removal is necessary as the transgender man might still be having female-related body reactions such as menstruation. The removable organs include the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

Hormonal injection

Here, the testosterone hormone is injected into the woman to develop masculine features like facial hair and hair on the chest.


It is the process of creating a new penis, also called a neopenis. The procedure goes hand-in-hand with vaginectomy (removal of the vagina). Metoidioplasty gives room for elongation of the urethra, which enables the transgender man to urinate while standing.


Phalloplasty involves the use of skin from parts of the woman's body to create a neopenis. The skin from the forearm is what is mostly used for this procedure. A significant difference between phalloplasty and metoidioplasty is that the former produces a larger penis. It is also costlier.

Transitioning from a woman to a man becomes a breeze when loving people surround you. You may also find a love partner on any reputable transgender dating website with verified profiles.