About Us

We’re a team of experts who dedicated their lives to learning about relationships. To be more precise, we’re specialized in transgender dating. Why? Because most dating sites still neglect transgender people and those who want to date them. That’s why we’re writing professional reviews about the best transgender dating sites out there.

Is for You? Read More About Us and You’ll Find Out

When we started working on this site, we had one goal - to help transgender women and men who want to date them find love. Instead of building a dating site on our own, we decided to write reviews of existing transgender dating sites. We’re also keeping pace with the new sites, so before you join any newly formed site, wait for us to write a professional review about it. That will save you money and time.

We’re doing more than writing reviews. We’re writing blogs that help people like you to become or stay happy. Love and dating are important aspects of life for every human, regardless of their sexual orientation. So we’re here to share tips and tricks about dating transgender ladies or finding the right man for you if you’re a transgender lady.

Benefits of you’ll love:

  • We understand that transgender people don’t deserve attention or respect by most regular dating sites and their communities. Because of that, we’re presenting you only the best sites for transgender dating. If some site claims to be perfect for transgender people, but it’s not that good - we won’t hesitate to tell you that.
  • Reading reviews before joining dating sites is the best way to save time - you can spend days on dating sites that can’t provide what you need. After a while, you’ll become frustrated. You’ll stop believing in the power of online dating just because you’d chosen the wrong sites. Our mission is to prevent that because legit sites for transgender dating do exist.
  • Reading reviews will save you money - similar to saving time, reading reviews will save you the money you’d spend on memberships that won’t give much in return.
  • Our blog will answer your dating questions. If you’re new to transgender dating you can find all you need to know there.
  • Our Goal is to Help You Discover More About Yourself and Find Perfect Partners

    We’re happy every time somebody contacts our support team to thank us for helping them. That’s what keeps us going. The fact we’re helping so many people who have questions about transgender dating or struggle to find partners makes our hearts full of joy.