History of Transgender

Transgender: A Brief History of Transgender in the USA

Explore the history behind “transgender” in the USA and how transgender people have been accepted by society throughout history.

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How to Meet Transgender

How to Meet Transgender

Nowadays, transgender people are enjoying life like everybody else. That’s a positive change. But one thing didn’t change yet, and it never will. To meet transgender people, you have to know where to look.

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Famous Transgender

Famous Transgender

There are more famous transgender people than you think. In this article, we’ll tell you just a little bit about those we consider important and inspiring. Celebrities are trendsetters, and when somebody who known around the world decides to speak about transgender people, it benefits the whole community.

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transgender sex stories

Transgender Sex Stories

Erotica is one of the oldest forms of pornography and has been popular all over the world for almost as long as we have existed. Relying on your imagination, rather than photos and videos, erotica can be difficult to get into - however, once you get started, for many, it is a favorite.

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transgender male

What Does a Male Transgender Mean?

“Transgender male” is the term used to describe people assigned with females at birth but wish to live as male. Transgender males may have had surgery, be awaiting surgery, or not want to have surgery at all - the term doesn’t describe the current genitals the person has, but rather the sex they identify.

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Transgender Transformation and Surgery

What Happens During Transgender Transformation and Surgery?

Transgender transformation or transsexual bottom surgery is a medical procedure or procedures that change the appearance and/or function of a transgender person’s existing genital features to match the genitals of their identified gender.

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boysdontcry film

TOP-10 Transgender Movies

Watching transgender movies is useful not only for people going through a transition or struggling to know how to deal with their feelings but also for families and supporters who would like to educate themselves.

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transgender resources

Transgender Resources

Being transgender can feel like an isolating experience - but the reality is, you are far from alone! Here we've collated some of the best transgender resources to find support, information on trans rights, and information at every stage of identifying as trans.

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transgender jokes

Transgender Jokes

Trans jokes can be rude, cheeky, silly, and poignant, and we've selected the most popular jokes, most of which were written by transgender people to shed light on the peculiarities of life.

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transgender quotes

Transgender Quotes

Quotes are a great way of learning about other perspectives, educating yourself on different ways to understand the world from a trans person's point of view, and taking comfort in that many other people have paved the way for equality and LGBTQ+ rights.

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Intersex Vs. Transgender

In many quarters, including the LGBT community, it is common to see people use these words interchangeably. But can they really be substituted for one another? This article aims at clarifying and explaining all you need to know about these two sides of the divide.

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trans man

How Does a Woman Become a Man?

The transgender population is beginning to gain wide acceptance worldwide with increasing calls for people to uphold the rights of members of the LGBTQ community.

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someone transgender

How to Tell if Someone is Transgender

Our world has seen a recent increase in the number of people transitioning to other gender identities they were not born with. Transgender dating is on the rise as well.

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What Causes Transgenderism?

Transgenderism, an umbrella term for transvestism and transsexualism, is a term associated with the exhibition of traits, characteristics, and sexual identity entirely different from the sexual identity of an individual at conception.

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transitioning gender

Transitioning Gender: What does it entail

In simple terms, gender transition is swapping one's sexual outlook and features for an identity that agrees with their inner personality.

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gay transgender

The Big Question: Are Transgender Gay?

If you are one of those, who wonder if all transgender people are gay, you are not alone. It would help if you had answers.

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types transgender

Types of Transgenders

People have a vague understanding of transgender to the point that they might offend a transgender person if the wrong term was used to describe them.

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gender dysphoria

Do I Have Dysphoria?

Some people are currently having a feeling of dissatisfaction and nervousness in their life; this is called dysphoria.

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