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If you're a transvestite, the odds are that you've been looking for an ideal dating site without success. Although there are many dating sites with rooms for transvestite users, it is not uncommon to see transvestites get bullied there.

The following are the sanest communities for transvestite singles.
onenightfriend site

Have you ever stayed single for so long that all you needed was a human touch to feel sane again? Thanks to, you can find a non-committal partner that ticks all the boxes on your list of fantasies.

Members: This transvestite dating site has a huge membership base (over five hundred thousand in the US alone). Most of its users are between 25-35 years.

Plans: There are free and paid plans. The paid plan ranges from $16.59/month to $52.66 for a six-month plan.

It is free to sign up. Fill in your email address, location, interests, and you are in.

  • offers a discounted trial period
  • Batch messaging (flirtcast)
  • Wink feature to get someone's attention
  • Know when emails are read site is big on design. Its interface design is sleek and non-cluttered, making it home for many transvestite singles looking for partners.

Members: BeNaughty is home to over 500,000 members in the USA. That means getting a match is never a problem as long as you're of legal age.

Plans: A month's membership plan is $11.60, while you pay considerably less per month ($6.14) for a three-month plan.


  • Anonymity and privacy
  • Read receipt
  • Profile customization
  • Search filter
  • Wink button
  • Favorite list

If you love sexting and naughty chatting, is where to be. The chat rooms are sizzling hot with people who love to be naughty. Consider signing up site

The trans community has it worse when it comes to the dating arena. In most online dating rooms, trans individuals feel secluded and out of touch with what's going on in other rooms. is an exception. Here, it would help if you never worried about feeling isolated.

Members: There are over 80,000 members in the USA and 110,000 worldwide. Its users are mostly from Canada, the US, and some middle-east countries.

Plans: Premium plans are $14.95/month and $79.95/year


  • Video and audio chat
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Chatroom access
  • Instant messenger

The platform's rich feature gallery sets it apart from most of its direct competitors. site

Here is another transvestite dating site to beat, little wonder why it is growing in leaps and bounds.

Members: It hosts over 700,000 people worldwide, with one-seventh of those from the US, with 110,000 from the USA.

Price: The premium plans range from $29.90/month for a one-month plan to $16.90/month for a six-month plan.


  • Chat room
  • Advance search filter
  • Favorite list
  • Premium account for male members to send messages, etc.

Sexual encounters, hookups, prostitution, and pay for pleasure are highly prohibited. Due to this strict policy, every account goes through a rigorous approval process.

This dating platform comes with an advanced search filter that makes matching easy. Although initially designed for trans, straight people who are open to a genderless relationship can join.

Members: Over 20,000 members from the USA, the country with the most users.

Price: A one-month gold membership capped at $9.99


  • Advance search filter
  • Video page
  • Virtual gifts
  • Event schedule
  • Groups
  • Blogs

Creating a profile is free and fast, and you start getting matches as soon as you are done with registration. It's free for use, but has a premium subscription for certain features.

Tips For Transvestite Dating

You will be limiting your chances of ever meeting that special someone as a trans if you are not signed up to any dating app. Sadly, many of these generic apps aren't the most welcoming to the trans community. Nevertheless, you can navigate the dating world much better than you thought possible by using these tips.

  • If you're open to the idea of sex, always use protection or on PreP.
  • Always meet in a public place, e.g., coffee shops, parks, restaurants, etc.
  • AlwaysResist disclosing too many details on your first date.
  • AlwaysTry as much as possible not to appear desperate, to avoid being taken advantage of.
  • AlwaysAlways make sure you're chatting with a verified account for safety purposes.
  • AlwaysIf you're planning to be naughty, ensure you establish a safe word before you begin.
  • AlwaysTake things slowly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what transvestite dating site to go with?

If you must choose the best, it is paramount you consider the features you're looking for. Perhaps what you need is a site with an advanced filter, or maybe a video call. Sometimes, you want a free website that doesn't require any premium payments. Your preferences would generally dictate what you consider ideal or best suited for you.

For instance, will be considered a good option if you are trans and want an audio and video chat combo. Otherwise, you may choose to look elsewhere depending on what you are looking for.

How safe or unsafe are transvestite dating sites?

Dating sites are somewhat safe. However, you have to be cautious to avoid falling to the whims and caprices of scammers and dangerous individuals who breed their prey there.

Taking precautions includes chatting and exchanging media with verified profiles and accounts, limiting physical meetings to only public spaces, and wearing protection during sex with people from these sites. Once these preventive measures are put in place, you should have no worries about using these dating sites.

What is the membership makeup of transvestite dating sites?

Transvestite sites are open to all members of the trans community. This includes those who are sexually open to sharing their partners. However, straight individuals and people with no singular gender identities may also choose to be a part of the community.

Therefore, if you are looking to interact only with trans, make sure you speak only with verified profiles. With these kinds of profiles, it is easier to identify who is who and what genders they identify with.

What's staging a meeting with a transvestite like?

Picking up a transvestite shouldn't be a hard nut to crack with the right tips up your sleeve. To begin with, look nice! This cannot be overstressed. Remember, you're dealing with someone who goes the extra mile to look like an appealing woman. Another thing that might help is limiting the stare.

T-girls get stared at the most in society, and it isn't always positive. Joining the wagon might spring up some discomfort.

Final Verdict

There are lots and lots of dating sites out there, but only a few recognize the need for transvestites. If you're one and you've been looking for the ideal platform to find that dream partner, sign up and let the search begin.