Famous Transgender

There are more famous transgender people than you think. In this article, we’ll tell you just a little bit about those we consider important and inspiring. Celebrities are trendsetters, and when somebody who known around the world decides to speak about transgender people, it benefits the whole community. Transgender people get more recognition and respect. Other people accept them easier. In the end, everybody is happy because of the famous transgender people.

Elliot Page

This one is so fresh that it’s hot. The internet almost collapsed yesterday when Ellen Page posted something interesting. Ellen is a famous actor with numerous awards on her shelf. Nomination for Oscar might be the highlight of her professional career. Marrying a female dancer is certainly a big step in both of their lives. But the most recent post shook the world. Ellen said that she is no longer she and her name is Elliot. In a brutally honest post, Elliot Page asked for support. Admitted that he’s scared even though he’s deeply happy. And what’s most important for the transgender community - said that trans persons are the treasure of this world. Good luck, Elliot. You have our support and respect.

Caitlyn Jenner

After the newest famous transgender, it’s time to mention the most famous. With that, fame came a lot of support, but also hate. Luckily, love won, and Caitlyn is now 100% happy. Before becoming Caitlyn, she used to be William Bruce. We don’t have to tell you how successful her decathlon career was. The 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal are the peak of her career. Not only Caitlyn (then still William) won a gold medal. She set a world record with an astonishing score of 8618 points.

Success in sports brought success in other areas of life. Caitlyn's accomplishments deserve a whole article, but we’ll jump right to the period when she became the most famous transgender person. In 2015 she announced that she’s (until that moment he) is a transgender person. Jenner said that she knew that she wanted to raise her children before transitioning for most of her life. Because of the famous TV show Keeping up with Kardashians, her transition grabbed a lot of attention. Still, the most important thing for the transgender community was Caitlyn’s appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair. That was a breakthrough for Caitlyn and all transgender people around the world.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox rose to fame thanks to her role in the popular Netflix show Orange Is the New Black. Her acting was and still is so good that she became the first transgender person nominated for the Emmy award back in 2014. Ever since she got attention from a wider audience, she’s one of the biggest LGBT advocates. Her acting earned her respect from TV show lovers, but her will to stand for her opinion earned her respect from the LGBT community. This truly inspiring person is a role model for many trans people who’re struggling to show their true colors. We wish her all the luck so she can continue fighting for LGBT rights.

Ines Rau

Another inspiring transgender person is beautiful Ines Rau. She’s a model who’s grabbing attention with her looks, but life wasn’t always easy for her. Although she was born as a man, she knew from the beginning that she’s a girl. At the age of 16, she did the transition, but it took her 8 more years to come out. From 16 to 24, she lived as a woman but didn’t speak publicly about it. That’s a situation many transgender people face, so Ines Rau is a role model for many trans people. She set an amazing record when she became Playboy Playmate of the Month (November 2017) as the first transgender playmate of that mega-popular magazine.

Andreja Pejic

If you’re into fashion, this name needs no introduction. Andreja Pejic was a hot topic in fashion even before making a transition. As Andrej Pejic, a man who could wear both male and female fashion shows, she was the world's most wanted model. Headlines and magazines were full of her (then his) pictures.

Like every inspiring famous transgender person, Andreja had to deal with hate from petty people. She’s from Serbia and if you didn’t know what some Serbians think about transgender people, try to google Gay Pride in Belgrade. There is even a very good Croatian-Serbian movie, “Parade”. Since then, things have changed for the better, so the LGBT community is well accepted in Serbia and the rest of Balkan. Luckily for Andreja, there was much more love coming her way when she took the spotlight, which surely made her transition easier. Her operation was done in 2014, and Andreja is living her life as a woman ever since.

We mentioned just some famous transgender people; there are many more who are role models for LGBT members around the world. Hopefully, you’ll gain confidence in reading their stories. There is nothing to be scared of. Stay strong and live your life.