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As adult dating sites continue to grow in popularity worldwide, more niche-type dating sites are being made. Some of these sites are made specifically to cater to trans people. There are lots of legitimate trans matching sites online. However, most of these sites require you to spend at least a small sum of money registering.

If you're new to online dating, it may be best to try out free trans matching sites first. To help you, we've compiled a list of the best free trans dating sites
onenightfriend logo

This is a very popular adult dating site among trans people. The site has over half a million followers, mostly made up of young teams people between 25-34. Its free account gives users access to the like gallery, a fun feature that allows you to like pictures of members you like. You can also send messages to other users, though your messaging privileges are limited.

Upgrading to a paid plan is equally as easy. Their 3-day plan goes at $1.41, one month is $19.29, 3 months is $32.45, and 6 months is $52.45. Overall, this site has a very good 5-star rating. logo

As the name suggests, this is the perfect site for LGBTQ+ people to find dates and matches. The adult matching site has a large membership worldwide and is full of young trans people looking for love. The dating site has lots of fun, free features such as a 'cute or not' game, free account creation, and the ability to view profiles.

Their paid plan is also very affordable. One month is $29.70, 3 months is $70.2, and 6 months is $86.4. Overall, this site has a good 4.5-star rating. logo

Single trans people will love this top-notch matching app. The adult dating site has over 40,000 members. Most site members are youths aged 20 to 30. Their free features include access to messaging platform, free profile creation, the ability to like pictures, and much more.

Their plan is very cost-effective and goes at $9.99 per month. Overall, this is a very good app with a 4.5-star rating.
transsingle logo

Suppose you're looking for fun and interesting trans people to date. This adult dating site has over 100,000 online members. The site has lots of free features available, such as access to the chat room, the ability to send emails, messaging privileges, an ad-free experience, and lots more.

The site is completely free and has no paid features. The site is extremely good and has a good 4-star rating. logo

While still relatively new, Taimi has risen to be among the best trans matching sites online. They have over 300,000 members worldwide. Their members are mostly young adults aged 18 to 34. Their free features include free account creation and messaging privileges.

Their paid plan goes at $14.99 for seven days, $41.99 for one month, $53.99 for three months, $71.99 for 12 months. Overall, this is another great 4-star rated adult dating site.

Tips For Trans Dating

Here are some tips you should take note of when trans dating online:

  1. Make Your Profile Eye-Catching - your profile is the first thing people say about you. You have to make it very engaging and attractive so people will want to chat with you. Put nice pictures, and write interesting facts about yourself.
  2. Be Clear With Your Intentions - whether you're looking for a serious relationship or something casual, be straightforward with your match. This helps ensure you're both on the same page.
  3. Be Active - don't wait for the site to recommend people they think you might like. Go and search for people yourself.
  4. Don't Rush Yourself - you're not going to find your one true love in a day magically. Dating takes time, and you have to be willing to put in the time if online dating is ever going to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about online trans dating:

How To Choose The Right Trans Dating Site?

There are lots of fake transgender dating sites online that only exist to steal your money. If you're considering trans dating online, you need to know how to spot scam dating sites and avoid them. To help you, here are a few things to put into consideration when choosing the right trans dating site:

  • Choose a site that caters well to trans people.
  • The site should have a large membership and lots of active members.
  • Read the terms and conditions to be sure it's not a scam site.
  • Read lots of customer reviews.
  • The site should have lots of fun features.
  • Choose a site with a well-equipped search section. It's the search section that will help you find matches you like.

Are Free Trans Dating Sites Safe?

Yes, of course. Some trans dating sites are completely free to use. For instance, is completely free to use, and members don't have to pay anything.

However, most adult dating sites require you to pay some money before getting access to full site features. While most sites offer free account memberships, free accounts are usually very limited, so it's always advised to update to a paid account.

Who Joins Free Trans Dating Sites?

Trans dating sites are made to cater to trans people in particular. Most people on trans dating sites are young trans adults who are looking for fellow trans to date.

You could also find women and men who have an interest in trans people on these sites. While these people aren't trans themselves, they are interested in dating trans people, so they join these sites.

You'll find people you like on these adult dating sites.

How to Pick Up a Trans Lady?

So you're looking to date a beautiful trans woman? Here are a few tips you could use to pick up a gorgeous trans lady:

  • Be Interesting - she's not going to fall for you if you're boring. You have to be interesting enough to catch and keep her attention.
  • Use Good Pictures - look for the best picture on your phone to use as a profile picture. You want her to notice your attractiveness from day one.
  • Be clear about what you want - are you looking for a relationship? Do you want a casual relationship? Or are you just looking to try something new with a trans woman?


Now you know everything you need to know about trans dating sites, how they work, and how to choose the best trans dating site.

Ensure you do proper research on the site you decide to join, as there are lots of scam sites online disguised as good adult dating sites. With all this information, you can finally start your trans dating experience!