How to Meet Transgender

Meeting transgender people used to be difficult. First of all, most transgender people were afraid to show who they are. Those who wanted to meet them had to know where to look. Nowadays, transgender people are enjoying life like everybody else. That’s a positive change. But one thing didn’t change yet, and it never will. To meet transgender people, you have to know where to look.

Pay a Visit to a Therapist

This might sound crazy to you, but visiting a therapist who works with LGBT people is a great way to meet other transgender people. If you’re a man looking to meet transgender girls to date, we would advise you to avoid this practice. You’ll look like a predator if you get to a therapist and ask him contacts of trans girls. Even if you’re a trans person, you can’t just ask for contact information. Therapists can’t give you those because that’s illegal.

But, they can help you in other ways. Most therapists organize some group therapy (people hanging out). You can ask to become a part of it and meet other trans there.

Attend Support Meetings Organized by LGBT Clinics

Since awareness about problems LGBT people face raised, a lot of clinics and similar organizations are organizing meetings. Those meetings are perfect for you if you’re a trans person looking to meet other trans people. You’ll feel safe there, so you’ll open up sooner than you would in, let’s say, a bar. You can speak with professionals or hang out with other LGBT members. Nobody will call you names, nobody will hurt you in any way. LGBT meetings are usually open to straight people too. That means you can bring your friend, cousin, mom, or whoever makes you feel secure.

Also, support meetings are a great way to meet trans ladies if you’re a man who wants to date them. As long as you’re behaving well (and since you want to date a trans girl you surely respect them), you’ll be accepted. It’s your chance to meet new, interesting people and maybe find love. The only bad thing about LBGT support meetings is - most of the small towns around the world don’t organize them. But don’t be sad if you’re living in a town that’s still not aware of its LGBT community. There are other ways to meet transgender people.

Try Using Facebook to Connect with Transgenders

Facebook is outdated in many ways if you compare it to other social networks, but everybody is still using it. And it’s still the best social media actually tobe social. You can connect with other people on Facebook with less effort than on other social media. But how does that help you to meet trans people?

Groups and Facebook pages. Because everybody can create a group or a Facebook page, there are thousands of them on every topic you can think of. It’s like the internet; whatever you search - something will come up. Try searching for transgender groups or sites on Facebook, and you’ll be surprised. The best thing about those groups - there is probably a group for trans people in your area so that you can meet them in person too.

Go to the Nearest Transgender Bar or Club

One thing will never change; people will always love bars and clubs. Not even an evil virus can stop us from hanging out with friends over drinks and food. At least not permanently. Bars and clubs are great for meeting new people too. Especially if you’re looking for a specific type of person, sports enthusiasts can go to a sports bar and feel at home. Bikers can go biking clubs and hang out with other motorcycle lovers. Gay people go to gay bars to meet other gays. And so on. You get the point.

Transgender bars and clubs exist for years so try to search for the nearest trans bar, dress nicely, and go there. Are you a transgender person or somebody who’d love to date them - makes no difference.

Transgender Dating Sites and Apps

Last but certainly not least - you can meet transgender people on dating sites. Like everything, those sites have pros and cons. We’ll list some of them below.


  • you can’t make the first contact in person
  • for good ones, you have to pay membership fees
  • Pros:

  • your location can’t prevent you from meeting new people (even if you’re living in a village somewhere)
  • you don’t have to exit your home to meet new people
  • Those are just some pros and cons of transgender dating sites. They are gaining popularity lately so there must be something real behind all the hype.

    Hopefully, tips on meeting trans people from this article will help you achieve your life goals. Try them out and have fun.