How to Tell if Someone is Transgender

someone trans

Our world has seen a recent increase in the number of people transitioning to other gender identities they were not born with. Transgender dating is on the rise as well. While there are many valid reasons for this, it can be quite difficult for others to know if someone they're dealing with was originally a man or a woman.

Although some people have no problem with transgender dating, others are still a little picky and want to know beforehand whether or not someone they're involved with was formerly of the opposite gender.

Before we talk about how to tell if someone is transgender, do realize that transgenders are normal human beings and deserve equal love, respect, and rights as others. They can also find love in person and on transgender dating websites like every other individual. Deciding to transition to another gender isn't easy. Therefore, transgenders should be bequeathed the same level of respect as is given to others.

That said, here are some ways that you can easily find out if someone was of the opposite gender:

1. If a woman does have a back issue, she will have a C-shaped arch in her back. This arch supports the weight of a baby for nine months. This concept is used in building bridges for even weight distribution. For a woman, the arch is close to the elbows, above the navel, and at the waist.

2. Visually, the main difference lies in the hips. A woman's hips are 130 degrees or more while a man is 90 degrees or less. A woman's pelvis is tilted up to keep a child in the womb. But a man's pelvis isn't. That's why women have a little pooch below the navel that they can't lose even if they lose belly fat. And since women have wider hips, the hip bone protrudes when they lean on one side. And the wider hips make their hips sway when walking, and their legs form a triangle when viewed from the front as they walk. This triangle formed by their legs is known as a "Q" angle, and it is the distance between the hips and the knees. For females, it's very obvious. This is what is known as "cat walking." Women have to put their weight on the forward-stepping foot and then bring it in for balance.

3. A woman's butt is longer than a man's. It starts at the waist and gradually goes down, becoming wider and fuller. However, a man's butt starts and ends without these things.

4. The distance from the female waist down to the hips is half the torso. The distance from the male waist (just below the navel) from his hips is one-fourth of the torso. A female needs all of that room to carry a baby with the support of the arch to distribute the weight evenly. The wider pubic arch and the hip bones' location allow her to spread wide to deliver the baby.

5. The female shoulders are shorter than the male shoulders. So you will see that their arms follow the contour of their body, and the elbows are at the waist, and they never appear straight. You can see this when examining the difference between female soldiers and male soldiers when they swing their arms. Female soldiers swing their arms close to the body, while male soldiers swing away from the body. Men tend to have longer arms, and their arms are straight. Also, a female's elbows point towards the body while walking, and men's point out away from the body.

6. Finally, there's a difference between the energy of males and females. Women have much softer energy and presence. Men have heavier and fiercer energy. The body of a man is denser and heavier structurally.

Evidently, the major tell-tale signs of knowing whether an individual is originally male or female are biological and physiological. This is because there's no surgical procedure that can change how a person's bone structure is.

Telling if someone is transgender or not needs some level of observance and keen attention to detail. It takes some practice for you to be good at it because naturally, some men are more feminine and vice versa. One way to get better at it is to observe the people around you. Also, look at your own body in the mirror, with and without clothes, and these differences will become apparent.