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Online dating has been popular as long as the internet, but this platform has - somewhat infamously - taken the market by storm; but does it work? Tinder - the biggest and most well-known online dating site on the market, but how does it work for those of you looking for love with a transsexual woman or man?

This unbiased review of Tinder for trans dating explores the advantages and disadvantages of the dating app for transgender singles (and those seeking romance with them).

Is There Transgender Members? Find Out Here

Boasting nearly 8 million users in the USA at the height of its popularity (Sept 2019), Tinder offers various users. While there is no data of exactly what percentage of Tinder users are transgender or transsexual, with 50 million users worldwide, they are there.

All About Profile Quality & Search

Tinder has a unique profile and search platform focusing on pictures rather than profiles or personals. Tinder users do not see a full profile at first glance, and after clicking through to a full profile, the word count is very limited, with little information about the transgender user. The search terms Tinder use are based on the location, the age range, the sexuality, and the gender of your choice, and users swipe through full-screen photos, “discarding” unwanted profiles and “liking” others.

Usability - Perfection

Tinder is extremely easy to use and works on a basic swipe system, swiping one way on the photos of women you like and the other on those you don’t. The app's focus is the users looks and the idea is to “like” someone who also “likes” you to create a transgender match and start private messaging. The app is available on phones and tablets but is not designed for desktop or laptop computers. Search features help users to filter their sexual and gender preferences. The app is easy to use, but there is almost no security protocols in place – meaning you never know who you’re really talking to, making Tinder potentially dangerous for trans singles.

Explore Free Account Options

The majority of Tinder’s features are free to use without a paid account or membership, unlike many other dating apps. Transgender members can browse, match, contact and share contact details with other members completely free - although the app uses adverts to keep the service free. Ads can hinder your experience on the app as they’re distracting and take away from the overall experience.

Premium Options

While the service is free to use, there are some paid memberships that can be used to enhance a users experience:

  • Tinder Plus
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind
  • 5 “super likes” per day
  • 1 “boost” per month
  • Passport
  • No Ads
  • Gold : all of the above benefits, see who like you before you “like” or “nope”, daily top pics
  • Platinum: all of the above benefits, message before matching, your “like” prioritized, see the likes you’ve sent in the last seven days
  • Beneficial Costs

    Unlike most dating platforms, Tinder doesn’t have a set price for different levels of membership - with the price varying depending on your location, age, and how long you’ve been looking for love. Still, the middle package (Gold) usually goes for around $30 per month (you can find out the price for you through the app). Unlike other paid dating platforms, a premium account doesn’t increase your chance of matches, but your account will become more visible in searches and the ads will stop.

    Safety Guaranteed

    With so many members and free sign up there is little to stop scammers and unsavory people using the site for their gain - and there have been some horror stories since the app has launched. There are now several safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of its members including;

  • Photo verification
  • Integration with women`s safety apps
  • Articles and advice on avoiding scams
  • However, transgender users report a number of safety problems when looking for trans relationships online.

    Beware of Pitfalls

    Tinder is a popular app with people under 25; however, it has a reputation for hook up culture and ghosting that has changed the face of dating. As a place where many scams occur, the platform can be a dangerous place for transgender men and women - and many users find themselves automatically banned (automatic banning happens when different accounts report an account - something that happens a lot to transgender users on Tinder).

    Our Review of Tinder

    Tinder is a great dating site for young straight couples looking for a hookup for the night or weekend, but when it comes to LGBTQ dating, there are many better dating sites to choose from to find love. If you’re looking for love on the trans scene and haven’t had success so far, check out some of the best transgender dating sites to find the perfect one to match your needs. is dedicated to transsexual and transgender dating, the simple site is dated. While it is easy to use, the lack of search options makes finding the right person difficult compared to other dating sites. The site offers lots of matches and is easy to navigate and connect with other users. However, the site appears to have a problem with those who fetishize the internet community.


    Does Tinder Create Lots of Matches?

    The service is famous for providing lots of matches - however, its conversion rate into dates and relationships is very low compared to other dating sites. The little efforts and interaction required make it easy to use for people who never have the intention to take the conversation further.

    Can Trans People Use Service?

    Anyone can use Tinder - there’s no rules or limits. Sign up, set your preferences, and start searching - but there are many other dating sites you can explore for long-lasting trans relationships.

    Should I Pay for Site to Meet Trans Women?

    The benefits of paying for Tinder are very limited and unlikely to increase your chances of finding love online.

    How Long does it Take to Create a Profile on Platform?

    Tinder profiles take just minutes to set up and can be used straight away to meet local singles in your area once verified.

    How do I Access?

    Download the app from your app store on your phone and tablet, and its ready to use.