Transgender Jokes

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Do you like to see the humorous side of being transgender in a CIS world? Looking for some jokes and memes to express your thoughts in a way that people can relate to? Look no further!

Our compilation of the best transgender jokes is sure to put a smile on your face - with tongue firmly in cheek, of course!

Trans jokes can be rude, cheeky, silly, and poignant, and we've selected the most popular jokes, most of which were written by transgender people to shed light on the peculiarities of life.

Top Transgender Jokes

Some of the best trans jokes are designed to bring humor to those struggling with their trans identity or use a play on words to give you a way to make jokes about being trans with a big pinch of salt.

  1. How many trans people does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, but people will always ask you if your light bulb has had, you know, The Change.
  2. As a trans lesbian, I married a bisexual. Does that make us a BLT?
  3. You can't be trans and say that you're ugly - because you are a customizable character.
  4. What do you say when you meet a gay, black, transgender person? Hello.
  5. All cars support the LGBTQ+ community. After all, they've all got a transmission!
  6. Why can't a trans man enjoy eating chocolate? Because it uses Hershey pronouns.

Best Silly Transgender Jokes

Jokes are meant to be funny - and we love a silly joke that makes us smile, even if it does belong on a Christmas cracker! Quirky jokes are universal and help create a platform for understanding that resonates far beyond a shared smile.

  1. My trans male friend and I decided to start up a bowling team. We've named ourselves 'Two Men, Two Balls, One Goal.'
  2. There is no such thing as a chick with a dick, just dudes with tits.
  3. Me to my Dad: Dad, I'm trans. Dad - looks at Mom, who is whispering, don't do it! Dad: Hi trans, I'm Dad.
  4. Being trans can be difficult. On the bright side, nobody knows when I get a boner!
  5. Random person - wait, so you were born a man? No, chill, I was born a baby!
  6. How can I tell if my daughter is trans? Simple - was she born with a penis!

Funniest Short Transgender Jokes

Quips and quotes are a great way to recognize the peculiarities of the trans world - and are often an excellent icebreaker to get the elephant in the room out in the open and start a meaningful conversation about what it means to be trans - and how the people in your life can offer support!

  1. Sorry that nature messed up your chromosomes.
  2. What do you call a hairy trans person? Transfer.
  3. What do you call a trans taxi driver? A transporter.
  4. After transition surgery - wow, I'm so glad to have gotten that off my chest!
  5. What's it called when you're trans and show someone your muscles? Trans-o-flex.
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Transgender Jokes That Make a Point

In some cases, a joke is meant to be funny and makes a quiet point about lack of parity or where life can be challenging as a trans person.

  1. At the recommendation of my doctor, I've decided to eliminate trans fat from my diet. Goodbye Tumblr!
  2. Is this the ladies' bathroom? Obama said I could pee here.
  3. I love your name! Thanks, I chose it myself!
  4. Random man - hi love, nice tits! Me - thanks, you want them?
  5. If a person isn't comfortable being called CIS, then don't! Just call them default settings and see how mad they get!
  6. Due to personal issues, I've decided to go through puberty once again.
  7. There are two genders, only. Pride and prejudice.
  8. The biggest compliment isn't someone naming his or her kid after you. It's someone calling himself or herself after you!

There you have it, our compilation of the most famous transgender jokes around!

Wherever you are in your transition, we wish you luck and courage - and hope that we've managed to raise a smile today!

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