Transgender Resources

transgender resources

Being transgender can feel like an isolating experience - but the reality is, you are far from alone! Here we've collated some of the best transgender resources to find support, information on trans rights, and information at every stage of identifying as trans.

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Best Websites with Transgender Resources


This US website is packed with transgender resources, from information about political campaigns, action funds, bills, and new legislation.

2. (Human Rights Campaign)

HRC is all about equality across the LGBTQ spectrum and has over three million members in the states. There are lots of resources, from educational support, pro-quality legislation advice, and information about planned events, including equality protests and awareness movements.


Catalyst aims to make the workplace more accepting and accessible for gay, trans and LGBTQ+ individuals, with guidance for employers, to help them promote diversity and inclusion throughout their organizations.

There is lots of data and information, from infographics to help colleagues understand whether they are a trans ally, to which groups are underrepresented - and what to do about it.

4. (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

The EEOC provides guidance for LGBT workers in the states, with information about which laws apply to discrimination, what complaints can be enforced, and help to know your rights whether during recruitment, employment, or dismissal.

Top Social Media Transgender Resources

You'll find a tonne of notable trans social media influencers, with insights into the challenges they face and communities of followers engaging in content.

If you're looking for solidarity and to meet other trans people who feel as you do - and can provide help and advice from the benefit of experience, here are some great accounts to consider following!

1. Lillian Lennon @mslillianlennon

Lillian is a 19-year-old transgender activist who helped beat the bathroom bill seeking to ban trans people from bathrooms. Lillian has been featured in Now This News in their Pride Edition.

2. Nikita Dragun @nikitadragun

Nikita is a social media influencer and beauty star - who also happens to be a trans woman and activist. She became famous through YouTube and has 1.8 million subscribers, using her audience to promote trans rights and invite people to follow her journey.


This platform is specifically designed for transgender people as an alternative social networking platform, which is a safe space for all people, whether they are non-binary, trans, or simply interested in educating themselves about the community.

trans resources

Most Popular Organisations with Transgender Resources

You'll find many different organizations offering guidance and downloadable resources, from legal advocacy firms to employment agencies. Here are some of the most popular organizations offering trans resources across the US:


Pocket Mags is a digital magazine and is all about genderqueer news, information, advice, and entertainment.


Suppose you've experienced prejudice or discrimination as a trans person or feel that the media has sensationalized or misrepresented a trans issue. In that case, this website is a great place to access resources and advice!


Glaad is a hub of resources for trans people and their allies. That can include reporting defamation of trans people in the media, tips for supporters to understand where they can offer support, and a database of helplines and support groups.


Gender Spectrum is an organization offering help for families, education professionals, and trans youth people. That includes material for social services, youth leaders, faith leaders, medical professionals, and family members, and young trans people.


Trans Tech Social Enterprises was created to support LGBTQ talent and economically empower trans people to improve their skills, upgrade their careers, and find working opportunities. Becoming a member includes free online workshops and direct training opportunities.

These transgender resources are all trustworthy, respected sources of support - we hope this is useful and helps you find like-minded people!

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